Values defining sportsevents:

With sums in the millions, winter sports World Cup events often generate extremely remarkable added value for the regions over a weekend. This value is valuable for the organizer for several reasons:

On the one hand, it shows the local tourism partner what contribution such a sporting event makes to the region on several levels. On the other hand, it lets the city or community know what monetary value it would miss out on if the event didn’t take place.

Which levels are taken into account in such a value creation study – also called economic impact analysis?

On-site advertising value: Event visitors are extremely attentive to the location and the sponsors, which means they achieve significant advertising value. In addition, the audience contributes to the positive image of the place with their enthusiasm and cheering on the athletes.

Media advertising value: This image is transported to the world via the media and reaches millions of viewers and readers. Emotional competition images of the sport combined with mentions and images of regional sights create a high media advertising value for the location, the region and the partners involved.

Economic impact: Sporting events also leave their positive mark on the regional economy. They provide many people locally and in the region with independent income and secure jobs. In order to determine this added value for the region, all funds generated by the event, such as expenditure by visitors, media representatives, etc., are taken into account.

Strong impressions about the attractiveness of the region: Surveys of visitors show, particularly for tourism, what impact the event has on the popularity and image of the place as well as on interest in holidays in the region.

If you are also organizing a sporting event and would like to use such documentation to convince tourism partners and the community that their support is of considerable value for the region, then please feel free to contact us.

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